The secret of getting ahead is
getting started.


Mark Twain


Startup, Scale-up or
Sales agency?

If you are challenged in your plans to start-up, scale-up or distribute your business in the Nordics.


With our 6P Sales Accelerator program, you will get a lean and efficient start with true experience.


RaaS on-demand offerings. 


Think big, start small and grow fast!

Whenever timing is crucial but you don't want to jeopardize a large investment or commit critical resources. You simply tap into an existing organization. 

Organization and Positioning.


When you need to restructure your  organization to meet new market requirements.


If you want to position your product portfolio when approaching the Nordic markets.

Your business drivers demands change.


If expanding markets, increase of internal efficiency or retaining your customers are on your agenda.

We deliver a shorter time to market to global customers with Nordic needs.

You have the challenge, we have the excellence.

Sales accelerator services with true experience.

How we get you started!


Single point of



With our [ready-to-use] solution packages you'll get a physical entity, address, phone number, infrastructure and distributed senior sales resources with segmented marketing expertise.


Our business network, advisory board and selected value-added partners are all included.

Trial without error? 



By running pilots of market acceptance or product launches we will fine tune your introduction and move you forward with minimal risks and without leaving any legacy behind. 




All business is local and timing is crucial. Our network is our strenght, enterprice sales resources with direct channels to the major industries in the Nordics will cut your time to market significantly.


 We will maximize your impact and protect your potential while securing your next steps based on local market urgency, need and current circumstances.

Cracking crazy 
Nordic codes.


Danish do what they want, Swedes needs consensus, Norwegians sleep in while Finnish just, do it.


No time consuming culture scoping, localisation, recruiting, administration or risk for language mixups and legal blunders. 

We reduce the need of redundancy while cutting your time to market. 

Do you want to approach the Nordic market with your startup or product solution but don't want the risk of losing time or jeopardize a large investment?



If you want a quick representation in the Nordics but have no network, you will enjoy our efficient way of putting things in place.


We offer a complete solution with an attractive address, fully equipped office, experienced sales, and marketing resources with access to a large network.


We can be your sales agency and distribution partner or build your Nordic organization from start to get things running quickly. 

We will help you to identify your value proposition, measure your impact to create valuable metrics, adding your financial specification and align the ROI to your deliverables.



We can even train your team to do the same thing, they will adopt and develop a value-based mindset in the process.


Actually, 8 of 10 assignments are requests of specific knowledge and expertise where fearless and independent managers, who enable change and create results, are needed.


We are your corporate resource who add value from day one. We are committed to create impact and execute with great passion.